Friday, August 17, 2012

Went shopping...

Today my mini-sous chef and I hit the road to do a big shop!  We went to the bank, the farm market, to get Daddy's Birthday gift, Best Market and ShopRite.

Always a major score at the farm market:
                                                               1 Large Eggplant               $1.00
                                                               1.92 lb String Beans          $1.90
                                                               1.13 lb Red Peppers         $2.25
                                                               2.28lbs Plum Tomatoes     $2.26
                                                               1 Red Onion                     $0.68
                                     Grand Total                                                 $8.09

Best Market:
                                                                 Pepper Jack Cheese       $3.29
                                                                 Fontina Cheese               $2.30
                                                                 Parmesan Cheese            $0.53*
                                       Grand Total                                               $6.02

*The container of Parmesan cheese that I bought was actually $8.40 (at $9.99 a lb), but it was considerably more than the 1/4 c I need for this week.  We use this cheese a lot though for a lot of things so it never goes to waste.  $.53 is my estimate of what the amount I will use will cost.  My actual Best Market total was more because we also picked up a watermelon and some fresh mozzarella for snacking.

                                                                 28 oz can whole tomatoes    $1.39
                                                                 Heavy Cream                        $1.59*
                                                                 Frozen Spinach                     $1.25
                                                                 Chicken Sausage                   $2.29
                                                                 Jalapeno                                 $0.11
                                                                 4 lbs Ground Beef                 $13.02
                                                                 5 lbs.White Potatoes             $2.99**
                                                                 5 lbs. Yukon Gold                  $2.99**
                                                                 1 gallon milk (2%)                  $4.09***
                                                                 Tomato Paste                         $0.59
                                                                 Corn Tortillas                         $0.75****
                                                                 Carrots                                    $0.65****
                                                                 Beef Broth (16 cups)             $7.47
                                                                 Beef Bouillon                          $1.69*****
                                                                 Chicken Breast (12)              $18.75
                                                                 Chicken Thighs (12)              $4.14******
                                      Grand Total: $63.76

*I will only use about half this cream, but am counting the whole cost because I am not sure where or how to use the rest.  I will probably add it to the mashed potatoes to make them more creamy.

** I only need 4 potatoes so I definitely didn't need to buy 10 pounds!  I am going to make and freeze as many batches of mashed potatoes as I can from the rest of them.

***This is also our milk for the week.  I need 3 cups + milk for mashed potatoes, so probably only 1/2 a gallon will be actually used for my freezer cooking.

**** My carrots and corn tortillas actually cost double of what I am counting, but I got double of what I needed.  These are both things we will use for snacks through out the week so it would fall under my weekly spending.

*****Will use the rest of the beef bouillon for freezer cooking at a later day, but will count it all now so I can count it free later!

******Last minute purchased.  Purdue chicken thighs were on sale for $0.88 a pound.  I bought almost 5 pounds.  In the 9 minutes it took Grace and my lunch to cook, I clean and took the skin off the thighs.  I then packaged 4 thighs in a freezer bag and added marinade (2 with Italian dressing and 1 BBQ.)  So for $4.14 I have the protein for another 3 meals.

Now everything else that was on my list I had already.  There are some staples like canned vegetables and beans that I ALWAYS stock up on during the Shoprite can can sale.  I know I am cheating by not figuring these into my total cost, but I figure I have already paid for them and counted that into my budget from another week.  Maybe at another time I can guesstimate what these would have cost.

Grand Total $77.87

And what I am I getting for that $77.87?

1.Marinated Chicken Thighs- Italian
2.Marinated Chicken Thighs- Italian
3.Marinated Chicken Thighs- BBQ
4.Baked Pasta with Chicken Sausage
5.Baked Pasta with Chicken Sausage
6.Taco Filling
7.Taco Filling 
8.Taco Filling 
9.Taco Filling 
10.Vegetable Chowder
11.Vegetable Chowder 
12.Vegetable Enchiladas
13.Vegetable Enchiladas
14.Roasted Tomato $ Eggplant Soup (Lunch for 2)
15.Roasted Tomato $ Eggplant Soup (Lunch for 2) 
16.Roasted Tomato $ Eggplant Soup (Lunch for 2) 
17.Hamburger Gravy
18.Hamburger Gravy 
19.Shredded Chicken Breast
20.Shredded Chicken Breast 
21.Shredded Chicken Breast 
22.Shredded Chicken Breast 
23.Grilled Chicken Breast
24.Grilled Chicken Breast

24 Entrees for 3 (with the exception of the lunch soups) for $77.87!  That's only $3.25 per meal or $1.08 per serving.  Plus this doesn't take into consideration the mashed potatoes.  I will update with how many servings of that I get when I make them.  

I have already packaged my marinated chicken thighs and they are in the freezer!  Tomorrow I will tackle some more cooking!

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