Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Freezer Challenge...

This week will be a breeze...

We are taking a long weekend, so I wanted to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible this week so the fridge will be nice and empty.

Monday I had a prenatal appointment.  I love my midwife practice.  I would never leave them.  They are 40 minutes from my house.  No big deal when I am going once a year, but now I am up to every 2 weeks.  It's a lot of miles.  One "perk" of traveling so far is there is a Popeye's Chicken and Biscuit nearby.  We love their chicken, and have it when I have an appointment (well, now that my appointments are every 2 weeks, we have it every other appointment.)  So Monday we had "Chicken on the Bone" as Grace calls it!  We took it to my mother's and she had some left over salads.  Easy dinner.

Tuesday was equally as easy... pizza night at my aunt's house.  Can't beat no cooking 2 nights in a row.

I picked a good week to try to empty the freezer a bit.  I was called in to sub for summer school Monday to Thursday this week.  So not having to come home and cook is a treat (especially when I am so out of the groove of getting up early!)  Tonight we are going to have the meatloaf I mixed last week and froze.  I am actually excited about this.  Mashed potatoes and whatever vegetables I have on hand!  Dinner done!

I have done something very unlike me... I haven't really planned my meal plan this week.  I know I have things in my freezer: ravioli, curry chicken, teriyaki chicken, hamburgers, cheesesteaks... I kind of been making a decision in the morning and running with it!  I will be back on track when I return mid-next week.

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