Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm back... and big freezer plans.

So I am 30 weeks pregnant today!

This is exciting but also slightly terrifying.  We have a lot to do.  We have (barely) began the great bedroom switch up.  I know baby's room does not have to be ready the day he is born, but let's face it, it is definitely easier if it is.  The house needs a big clean (for all the company after) and the toys a big cleaning out (thank goodness the consignment sale is on its way!)  I want to get the car detailed and the new car seat installed.  I need to begin planning a baptism, a sip and see and oh yeah, back to school (and back to work) is in about 2 weeks!  

The good news is we are back from a little vacation and ready to go!  My extended family is all going on a large vacation for the next 9 days or so.  This doesn't sound like good news and I will miss them, but it gives us less to do (because who can say no when mom invites you to dinner!)  and a place to crash if we have a night when the beds are in the kitchen instead of the bedrooms.

I also hope to do a big freezer cooking session.  I spent about an hour and half this morning collecting recipes and making grocery lists.  I am happy to share these you.  I will post back the link once I have typed them.  I plan to make 16 dinners and 3 lunches this weekend.  I want to spread it out a little.  Plan today, shop tomorrow, etc. but we will see how it goes!

Anyone game to take the challenge with me?


Freezer Menu and Recipe Links 
Grocery List 
Freezer Containers

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