Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week 2

A New Week, A New Plan

So I decided to switch my game plan up a bit.  I was making one big post with my week's plan and my reviews of it.  I thought that this week, I would try making a plan with recipe links on one page, and then individual posts reviewing the recipes as the days go.  Might make me seem like I have an idea about this blogging business as well.  Here is my plan for the week!


Chicken Enchiladas   Going to split this recipe in half and freeze half of it, but if your family was larger than mine and you wanted to do the same, you could easily double it!


Honey Butter Pork Tenderloin  This is the 3rd time this has been on my menu, I swear  I want to make it!  I have all the ingredients, my tenderloin is in the freezer.  It just always seems to fall on a day that needs to be flexible.


Curry Chicken  From my freezer! No mess or prep!  This is a freezer crock pot meal, which I am a fan of.  Mama and Baby Love have a lot of these recipes and she even has a cookbook, which you can get here.  (I have not purchased it yet, but will soon!)  This recipe was a good start for me, but I wasn't fair to it.  I couldn't fine canned or frozen mango and didn't want to walk back across the grocery store (maybe this blog should be called the lazy chef?)
so I used frozen pineapple that I had at home.  This time I will definitely buy fresh mango and I am going to add another healthy dose of curry as I really love the flavor and think it was a bit mild for my taste.  I will update when I make this again.


Patty Melts (no recipe for this!)  I do plan on making a double patch of the seasoned hamburger patties and freezing half for burgers (or more patty melts!) another night!


Baked Ziti, my own recipe again!  This is from my freezer.  I do need to top it with a little more cheese (I ran out!) and make another batch of sauce to serve with it.  A side of garlic bread will do!


Vegan Crockpot Pepper Steak Ok I am by no stretch of the imagination a vegan, but this recipe excites me for several reasons... crockpot, score... portobello mushrooms, score and I like a meatless meal once in a while!  Can't wait to try this.


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