Monday, July 30, 2012

Staying Flexible!

So two girls go peach picking...

There are many reasons I love NJ (and a few why I hate it, but I digress) and one of the top ones is the produce in the summer!  There is nothing like Jersey tomatoes, corn, green beans... basically everything.  And in the summer months, at a farm stand you can get the best produce at the best prices.

Grace and I took a quick trip to our favorite farm stand around, Samaha's in Aberdeen.  Honestly, the best produces (especially the corn), amazing prices, and the sweetest little dog named Maverick who is always down for a little loving from the customers.  He is easily Grace's favorite part!  Going to the farm stand is always a special trip for Grace and I.  We talk about how to check the fruits and vegetables (Grace can sniff out the best corn and apples) and it has encouraged Grace to try things not typically in a 3 year old's diet (I mean honestly, how many of them get excited to see fresh string beans and Italian eggplant?).  This trip is always a sunny spot in our week.

So today we stopped by and got: green beans, Italian eggplant, Mini Ramapo Tomatoes, corn, green peppers, carrots, and red potatoes.  All grown in NJ.  Most of it right behind the farm stand.
My grand total?  $10.55.  I know, farm fresh and cheap!  

When we were done there, we headed out to Eastmont Orchard where we met up with some friends to do some peach and nectarine picking.  Another Jersey bargain.  The peaches and nectarines right off the tree were so delicious and only $1.39 a pound.  Grace and I loaded up and we will definitely be making a peach crumble tomorrow!

Yellow peaches, white peaches and nectarines!

After all our picking, we needed some lunch.  Pizza and frozen yogurt fit the bill perfectly.  Then we headed home for quiet time/nap.  Now my three year has recently just about given up a nap, but still lays in bed for an hour a day, reading books and having a quiet time.  This is working for us as mommy gets a little break and Grace maintains a good mood till bedtime.  Grace lays down at 1:45 and is asleep by 2... ASLEEP!  I check on her at 3.  Still sleeping.  She will probably be up any minute now, but... I think I will go lay in may bed till she gets up.  Now Murphy's Law clearly states that as soon as I get settles and dare I say it, close my eyes, she will be up and ready to go grocery shop.  And sure enough, I close my eyes and feel little hands on my back, waking me up.  I look at the clock...4:45!!!!  Oh boy... I now have a three year who doesn't really take a nap anymore... and just took a three hour nap.  It's 9:20.  Typically she is sleeping.  Right now she is in the kitchen with my husband.  Eh, a little more Daddy/ daughter bonding over Temple Run.

So dinner plans had to change... there was no way to go grocery shopping and make dinner at a reasonable time and believe me the cupboards were bare (well, if I did some digging, I could have come up with something, but...)  Houlihan's here we come.  Grabbed a quick dinner and then dropped my hubs and my chicklet at home to make a run to the grocery store.  

So my menu is changing.  I am taking out my chicken curry to save for another day.  Pushing tonight's dinner to tomorrow and tomorrow's to Wednesday.  I do have my chicken for my enchilada's cooking now.  If I feel truly ambitious I might try to assembly my enchiladas so they just have to cook tomorrow (and one to freeze!), but I make no promises!

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