Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pancakes and Shadowboxes

Pancakes, anyone?

So this morning my mini-chef decided that chocolate chip pancakes were in order before our pilgrimage to IKEA (also known as the holy land.)  I decided to try pinterest to find a perfect pancake recipe.  I decided to try this one.

Pancake Recipe

Fail.... Epic Fail.

I tried following the directions as is and I really should have known better.  I mixed all my dry ingredients in my mixer while using the beater for the wet ingredients.... milk, eggs, vanilla... melted butter.  I dumped the melted butter and then had milk, cooked scrambled eggs, vanilla and butter... not good.  Luckily, it was just a waste of wet ingredients, so we dumped it out and started over.  This time I put the melted butter into the dry ingredients first and then added the remainder of the wet.  Ok, back on track.  Pan is nice and hot, first pancake is always a throw away.  Get them going, drop in some chocolate chips and star shape sprinkles (for color) and... hmmm, they look weird.  Why aren't they rising?  Ahhh yes.  I never put in the baking powder.  At this point I just threw some into the remaining batter and kept cooking.  The result was ok, I thought they were a little too eggy and still a little flat.  The recipe does say to let the better sit for a few hours or better yet overnight if you can.  When we were all full, there was some batter left over so I put it in the fridge to try tomorrow.  I will keep you updated.

Took the voyage to IKEA and walked the shop, bought new dressers and a few other things and of course, ate in their restaurant.  Gotta love a Swedish meatball.  I was going to buy a bag of the frozen ones to make for dinner one night this week, but didn't since I hadn't brought a cooler and its a bit of a ride.  I already regret this decision (NOTE TO SELF: Find a reason to go back to IKEA, ASAP!)

When I got home, I decided to tackle a project.  This was kind of a 2fer.  Grace has outgrown her ballet shoes and we bought a new pair for dance camp in a week.  What to do with the old ones?  Common sense says to throw them out, donate them, try to resell them.... but no, this sentimental pregnant momma couldn't bring herself to do any of them.  We are in the midst of the great room switch and Grace's room is going to have a ballerina theme, so why not make a shadow box!  It's a great way to justify hanging onto things like old ballet shoes AND a decoration Grace's new room.  I got to work, gluing scrapbook paper, a picture, her shoes and a ticket to her first recital.  Time to go in the box and.... crack.  I broke the glass. Not sure how.  I had bought a three pack of shadowboxes, so I was able to finish.  I saved the broken shadowbox minus the glass.  Now I have to figure out how to repurpose the broken box or if I want to buy another frame of glass.   We will see!

Here is the finished product.  I was pleased as was my prima ballerina.

Now I have to start preparing myself to throw out her second pair of ballet shoes... once she outgrows them, but I better start now!

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